NHP Genetic Model Resources

Macaque Genotype and Phenotype Database
Macaque Genotype and Phenotype Database (https://mgap.ohsu.edu/) is an NIH-supported resource with genomic and phenotypic data generated from rhesus macaques located at the National Primate Research Centers. This new resource currently includes more than 40 million rhesus macaque variants, with an associated broad array of variant annotations including predicted pathogenicity, allele conservation across species, identity with reported human ClinVar variants, allele frequency and link to animal-specific genotype data. Predicted traits associated with the macaque variants are accessible through direct linkage to the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (https://omim.org/), an online catalog of human genes and inherited disorders.

Publications of Nonhuman Primate Genetic Models
See the latest publications and reports of macaque genetic models including work by members of the New Model Development Working Group.

NMD Working Group Projects

Macaque Behavioral Inhibition Survey
Behavioral inhibition reflects a heritable disposition to react warily to novel situations that is preserved over time. Behavioral inhibition has been associated with various diseases and conditions, such as generalized social anxiety, asthma, and multiple sclerosis. The Behavioral Inhibition working subgroup has developed a valid, reliable, and feasible assessment tool to identify individuals exhibiting extreme levels of BI. This evaluation is conducted in all seven NPRCs, and is based on the Novel Object Paradigm, in which differences in behavioral reactions of rhesus macaques to novelty can be identified. In order to ensure consistency in data collection across facilities, the group has created a systemic instructional video and has conducted interobserver reliability tests.