Pathogen Detection Resources

What's new in Pathogen Detection
Scientific discovery and advances in technology drive the development of new tools for Pathogen Detection. These tools enable us to enhance the management of nonhuman primate colonies and improve the quality of the nonhuman primate model for biomedical research. Please open this link to read some of the latest news.

The NPRC pathogen detection laboratories work with a variety of pathogens relevant to nonhuman primate colony health, management and research. In addition to a broad range of common resources, each center has specialized expertise reflecting their unique colony epidemiology and scientists’ research interests. Agents include both naturally occurring and experimental model pathogens. The study and understanding of these agents leads to improved human and non-human health. Please open this link to find out what agents we are working with.

Pathogen Assays
In addition to the most commonly requested testing for Herpes B, SIV, STLV, and SRV, the NPRC laboratories offer an extensive array of assays for additional agents affecting nonhuman primates. Both pathogen detection and host immune response based assays on a variety of platforms for various sample types are available. These assays play a critical role in the development of specific pathogen free colonies but also have other applications. Please open this link to browse or search our inventory of supported pathogen immunoassays, molecular assays, culture and other diagnostic assays.

Pathogen Panels
The laboratories at the various centers have developed customized Panels to test for frequently requested agent combinations at their institutions. Panels are particularly efficient and economical for specific pathogen free surveillance. It is also possible to design custom panels to meet your needs. Please open this link to view some of our pathogen panels.

Technologies, Expertise, and Materials
Our individual NPRC laboratories have a wealth of knowledge and experience with various testing reagents, platforms, instrumentation, and protocols that we can share via consultation/troubleshooting and training. In addition, we have been able to identify, characterize, and archive a number of reagents, standards, and controls for pathogen detection. The quantities and availabilities vary. We encourage you to open this link to browse or search our inventory of available resources.

Non-Pathogen Testing Resources
Many of our testing platforms, reagents, and services support broader applications not exclusive to pathogen detection. In addition to laboratory processing and testing, we can be a resource for consultation, protocols, training, materials and instrumentation. Please open this link to see some of the additional ways we can support your research.

See the latest publications by members of the Pathogen Detection Working Group. Please open this link to browse.